C. A. New Law Office is your Ohio Employment and Employee Rights Lawyer and Ohio Appeals Attorney. We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards of client representation. The advent of new technology has leveled the playing field between big firms and small firms. Electronic court filing and communication now allows C. A. New Law to easily represent clients all over the state of Ohio and, in some cases, across the United States. This allows C. A. New Law Office to offer clients professional representation with the most competitive fee arrangements but without the unnecessary costs and overhead of large firms. In fact, in some cases, you do not pay any fees at all unless your case is successful.

C. A. New Law is conveniently located near Central Ohio and most court filings, conferences, and appearances are now completed electronically or by phone. Therefore, in addition to serving as your Dayton Employment Lawyers and Ohio Social Security Disability Federal Court Appeals Attorney, C. A. New Law Office is also able to serve clients in Cincinnati, Columbus, Akron, Toledo, Sandusky, Zanesville, Cleveland, and from all across the Great State of Ohio. C. A. New represents employees in all aspects of the employment relationship—from negotiating employment contracts and severance agreements, to resolving issues that arise during employment, to representing employees in wrongful termination and other employment-related matters. We also proudly and successfully represent our honorable veterans and servicemembers in discrimination and other employment law cases.

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The law provides ways to level the playing field—even among seemingly disproportionately situated parties—and C. A. New Law Office leverages every angle to the advantage of our clients. We place a lot of confidence in our clients, and we’re here to partner with you to aggressively and doggedly pursue the relief to which you are entitled.

Our mission is to make our clients whole, and we’ll persist to accomplish that mission. Our professional and persistent demeanor brings credibility to your case, and we will work to resolve your case in the most efficient, hassle-free manner. We negotiate as far as possible and litigate when necessary, always striving to provide efficient and effective service to our clients. However, for matters that simply cannot or should not be resolved outside of the judicial system, C. A. New Law Office meticulously prepares every case as if it is going to trial, and we will work aggressively to advocate for you and enforce your rights in court.


Quality, not quantity. That’s the C. A. New Law way. C. A. New Law Office tends to represent real people and small businesses, so this allows us to provide personalized representation to each individual client. Here, we are not required to meet any maximum or minimum number of high-pressured “billable hours” per week. Instead, we spend as much time as it takes to really get to know and understand our clients’ needs and to successfully resolve their issues. C. A. New Law does not operate as a “factory” where the quantity of cases or the firm’s bottom line is the primary motivating business factor. We do not take every case that comes our way.

Instead, the goal is to offer high-quality legal services and flexible billing arrangements without the unnecessary costs of a large firm. You won’t need to wade through a bureaucratic, corporate, or administrative mess to contact your lawyer. When you contact the office for a free consultation, you will be directly in contact with C. A. New and not a secretary, paralegal, or associate in training. This enables a consistent and direct flow of communication between attorney and client, which we believe is essential to effective representation.


Here at C. A. New Law Office, the law is not just a “job” or a business; it is an interest, a passion, an art, and a way to serve the community. C. A. New Law Office is your passionate Dayton Employment Attorney and Ohio Disability Lawyer. We enjoy our work, and we value the relationships we develop with our clients. Every case presents unique facts, personalities, and legal issues that require insightful judgment and strategy to reach a favorable resolution for our clients. That is always the goal at C. A. New Law, and it’s one that we thoroughly enjoy pursuing.

Our commitment to advocacy is reflected in the passion and energy we bring to the representation of our clients. You can be assured that if C. A. New Law takes your case, your legal matter will receive the focus and attention it deserves. C. A. New Law’s greatest professional satisfaction comes from winning superior results for our clients, which we strive to do with each and every client.


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